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We will soon have a maintenance to implement some balance changes (below) and add a new Showdown Map: Thousand Lakes! Once again, big thanks to u/TheMordeus for creating Thousand Lakes in this post! In addition we made some small tweaks to existing maps.

  • Barley – Increased main attack projectile speed by 20%
  • Dynamike – Increased main attack and Super projectile speeds by 10%
  • Mortis – Increased health from 3500 → 3800
  • Nita – Increased main attack damage from 680 → 740
  • Jessie – Increased main attack damage from 720 → 780
  • Pam – Increased main attack damage from 200 → 220
  • Poco – Increased Star Power healing from 300 → 400
  • Colt – Decreased main attack and Super damage from 320 → 300
  • Crow – Decreased main attack and Super damage from 320 → 300
  • Ricochet – Increased reload time for main attack from 1.0s → 1.2s
  • Piper – Increased cooldown between shots from 0.25s → 0.5s
  • Piper – Increased damage at max range from 1560 → 1640

EDIT – We’ll need one more round of maintenance to finish implementing Thousand Lakes. Thanks for your patience!

Original Post Here.


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Balance Changes Round 2 Mon, 09 Apr 2018 23:36:16 +0000 Original Link Found Here

Hey Brawlers!

We’ve got more balance changes rolling in! Here’s what’s coming:

Brawler Balance

  • Brock – Main attack rocket size decreased 33%
  • Piper – Main attack bullet size decreased by 33% (and bullet speed decreased 3%)
  • Colt – Main attack bullet size decreased by 50%
    • Colt’s targeting line will not take into account both guns, so it will appear smaller than it actually is. This will be fixed in the next major update.
  • Nita – Main attack shockwave size increased by 25%
  • Bo – Main attack arrow size increased by 40%
  • Dynamike – Main attack and Super projectile speed increased by 12%
  • Barley – Main attack projectile speed increased by 6%
  • Mortis – Health increased from 3200 → 3500
  • Pam – Main attack damage increased from 180 → 200

Also we want to mention that we’re testing ways to nerf Auto-aim, while still keeping it a valid option. We don’t have anything ready yet, but wanted to let you all now our progress.

EDIT – Typo, Colt bullet size was 50% not 33%

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Landscape Mode Update Tue, 03 Apr 2018 23:36:05 +0000 TLDR: The economy is changed from upgrade tokens to power points and coins are now keys.  There is a UI overhaul and a new map for gem grab. Pam has been buffed and El Primo has been nerfed.

Original Link here.

The Landscape Update has arrived! This update is a major head-turner, as we’ve redone the entire Upgrade System, changed the control scheme, and of course moved into Landscape mode!

New Upgrade System explained:

Power Points: You’ll now upgrade your Brawlers by collecting Power Points. These can be found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop. Once you’ve gathered enough Power Points, the Brawler can be upgraded with “Coins” (these are different than the old Coins!). Brawlers can be upgraded all the way from level 1-10.

Coins → Keys: Brawl Boxes will now be opened with Keys. These work in the exact same way as Coins did before. 100 Keys, gets you a Brawl Box!

Out with the old “Coins” in with the new! Coins are now the name for a new resource. These shiny new Coins can be found in Brawl Boxes and used to purchase Brawler upgrades.

Brawl Boxes will now contain: Coins, Power Points, Key-Doublers, new Brawlers, Star Powers (after reaching Brawler Level 9), and tickets.

Tokens → Keys: Your leftover Tokens will be converted into Keys which can open more Brawl Boxes. Your Brawlers will be converted to their equivalent level in the new system, and the leftover pins/badges/etc will be converted into extra Brawl Boxes.

Conversion logic:

0 pin power -> level 1

1 – 2 pin power -> level 2

3 – 5 pin power -> level 3

6 – 9 pin power -> level 4

10 – 14 pin power -> level 5

15 – 20 pin power -> level 6

21 – 27 pin power -> level 7

28 – 34 pin power -> level 8

35 – 42 pin power -> level 9

50 pin power -> level 10

Excess pin power after the level minimum threshold is converted to Keys

  • 1 excess power = 100 Keys (1 Brawl Box)

Remaining Tokens are converted to Keys

  • 1 Token = 5 Keys

After conversion, total is rounded up to the next Brawl Box (100 Keys)


  • 3v3 Match: Win 10 keys, defeat 5 keys, draw 7 keys
  • 3v3 Practice: Win 6 keys, defeat 3 keys, draw 4 keys
  • More Keys are now awarded to the top 4 finishers in Showdown
  • More Keys are now awarded for completing each event slot (60, 40, 20)
  • New event Key reward is now always 10 Keys
  • First win Key reward is now always 20 Keys
  • Maximum Key reward from Robo Rumble from 40 → 32

In total, players will now receive 57 more Keys per day!


  • Boss Mode: Boss now has health decay. Maximum survival time is approximately 5 minutes
  • Gem Grab: New map added! Welcome to Sapphire Plains
  • Pam’s damage increased from 160 → 180
  • El Primo’s health decreased from 5800 → 5600


  • Shop overhaul! Many more timed offers available in the shop
  • Many graphical and UI improvements and changes
  • Mask added to ensure the same field of vision across all devices
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • All Coin Boosters will be removed and refunded (4 gems/day)
  • Spawn Protection added to Showdown
  • Game Rooms made by friends are now shown under the friends tab
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2 Tips That Will Improve Your Robo Rumble Gameplay A Ton Thu, 01 Mar 2018 20:39:47 +0000 Use An Arc Brawler

This allows you to protect both lanes and stand in one place.  This lets you defend later rounds easier.  The best brawlers would be to use dynamite and barely for both of these reasons.  This will allow you to get to later stages and get you more gold.


Straifing will allow you to dodge the bullets shot by the robots.  This will keep you alive longer and let you pump out more damage.  This will help you out tremendously during the later stages where the robots can one or two shot you.


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3 Boss Fight Tips (As Team) Mon, 19 Feb 2018 13:46:25 +0000 1. Play A Ranged Brawler
A ranged brawler brings a lot of advantages to the table. You are allowed ti hide behind walls from the boss brawler which allows you to do damage while being safe from damage. You can also kite away from the boss if he is chasing after you. If you are a melee brawler, you have to continually chase the boss which waste time and gives you less of a gold reward.

2. Try to Traps Them
If you are trying to hit a moving target, n you may find out that you miss sometimes which will waste your time and give you less of a reward. Because of this, you want to try to trap the enemy boss in a corner. This will allow you to increase your damage by missing less. This will allow you to get a kill taster and get a higher reward.

3.AOE Brawlers Are The Best
Area of effect brawlers like dynamite or barely are better because type can cut the path off from the boss to run. This will force him to double back and run into your team’s damage. If you chose a ranged brawler like ricochet or barley, you will have a much harder time zoning off the boss. Dynamike and barely ultimates also provide a lot more damage compared to colt or ricochet. This allows you to end the game faster, letting you earn more gold.

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Boss Fight Tips (As Boss) Thu, 08 Feb 2018 15:05:36 +0000
  • Choose A Ranged Brawler
  • The Last thing you want is to be kited out by enemy brawlers that have ranged.  This allows them to damage you without them able to die or get hit.  Because of this, you will on average be damaged more than if you killed you enemies a few times, which will decrease your gold reward.

    2.  Hide In Bushes

    If the enemy doesn’t see you right when you spawn, you can hide in a bush.  This forces your enemy to waste time by checking all the bushes around you until they find you.  This will allow you to live longer and get a bigger gold reward.

    3. Choose A Mobile Brawler

    A mobile brawler like Bull and Darryll can use their ultimate to run away from the enemy team.  This allows you to not get hit for a few seconds.  After using a few ults, you have increased the time you have stayed alive.  This will further increase the amount of gold you will earn.

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    January 26th Update News Sat, 03 Feb 2018 23:41:43 +0000 We’ve got some new Balance Changes rolling in!



    Weaker: Bull, Darryl, Piper, El Primo

    Stronger: Poco

    Bull – Both Bull and Darryl have too much mobility with their faster speeds and Supers

    • Decreased health from 5200 → 5000
    • Increased bullet hits needed to charge super from 8 → 10

    Darryl – Both Bull and Darryl have too much mobility with their faster speeds and Supers

    • Increased bullet hits needed to charge super from 10 → 13

    El Primo

    • Decreased health from 6000 → 5800

    Piper – She’s very popular in Bounty, but less so in other modes. These changes decrease her burst potential but increase her overall damage output. This should make her more viable across game modes.

    • Decreased reload time from 3.0 → 2.5s
    • Decreased damage from 1680 → 1480

    Poco – His short attack range and lower health makes him tricky to play effectively. Increasing his health should make him less squishy.

    • Increased health from 3200 → 3800


    Reverted last week’s map changes. Maps shouldn’t favor tanky characters as much now.

    In a short while we’ll have a maintenance to implement these changes.

    original link of balance changes

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    Bounty Tips Wed, 31 Jan 2018 20:24:13 +0000 1. Focus One Brawler

    The best way to secure kills is if your team focuses down one enemy at a time.  This allows you to burst down enemies and collect their bounty. In addition, it makes the fight a two vs three pretty quickly.  This allows your team to control the map and pressure your opponents spawn area.  This will force the enemy to make mistakes and you have an easier time to pick people off.

    2. Being Safe Is The Best Choice’

    If you have a choice to go in and fight for a 50/50 risk, it is better to just run away.  A 50/50 risk is not guaranteed and can put your team behind.  You want to look for fights that have low variance, where you are most likely to win.  Only go super deep for a kill if its almost completely guaranteed and they have a lot more stars than you.  If they have equal stars, you are basically trading your stars for their stars, which adds no value to the score.  In addition, you trade you, a full health brawler, for a low health brawler.  This is not a good trade.

    3. Chose The Right Brawler

    In some maps, there is a lot of open spaces.  These maps are bad for melee troops because you cant hide behind walls or travel in bushes to close the gap.  In these cases, you should choose brawlers like Colt or Piper in order to take advantage of the long range battles that will happen.  In maps with of cover, melee brawlers exceed and you should use brawlers like El Primo, Shelly, And Bull.

    4. Use Cover

    Using cover will help you keep safe. Hiding behind a wall will help you be protected from most projectiles brawlers shoot,  You are still vulnerable to attacks from brawlers like Barley and Dynamite.  Using bushes will allow you to be unseen and travel across the map unnoticed.

    5. Protect The Carry

    If one of your teammates is killing a ton of enemy brawlers and has a big bounty, you should just protect that teammate because if they die, the enemy can catch up to you quickly.  It is worth it to body block for them and die instead of them giving up their bounty.

    6. Go For Broke

    If your losing by a lot and their is 20 seconds left, you have to go for broke.  This means to charge at you enemies firing at all cylinders.  This is you only shot at winning and even though you have a slim chance at winning, a slim chance is better than none.

    7. Defense Wins Games

    On the flip side, if you are winning by a lot and there is 20 seconds left,  Just play defense.  This will allow you to make fewer mistakes and force your opponent to force a play.  If they don’t you win and if they do you still have a high chance of winning the game.

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    January 2018 Balance Update Sat, 27 Jan 2018 20:23:58 +0000 These Are the Balance Changes from the January Update


    STRONGER: Darryl, Bo, Dynamike, El Primo, Jessie, Nita, Poco, Spike, Tara

    WEAKER: Colt,  Bull, Ricochet, Pam, Mortis, Barley, Crow, Shelly

    CHANGES: Game modes are changed to help melee ranged brawlers out, Robo Rumble is harder

    Brawler Balance

    Colt – Colt is very versatile and has a high use-rate across all game modes. Decreasing his range separates him from the other long range Brawlers, making him more of a medium-range DPS. Additionally, his Star Power was too strong.

    • Decreased main attack range from 10 → 9
    • Star Power speed increase changed from 100 → 50

    Darryl – Darryl had a low use-rate in high-trophy games and was a little too weak compared to the other tanky Brawlers.

    • Increased health from 4600 → 5000
    • Increased main attack damage per shell from 320 → 360

    Bo – This health buff should emphasize his role as a ranged mini-Tank

    • Increased health from 3200→ 3600

    Dynamike – Dynamike was a bit underused compared to Barley, and his Dynamites are harder to land on enemies compared to Barley’s bottles. The damage buff should make him more viable.

    • Increased main attack damage per dynamite from 720 → 800

    El Primo – El Primo was a bit weak compared to Bull and this heath buff should compensate for his short range and emphasize his role as the Tank with the highest health.

    • Increased health from 5800 –> 6000

    Jessie – Her short range combined with low health leaves her a little bit weak. The Star Power and health buff should help her keep the advantage when her Turret is up and running.

    • Increased health from 2800 → 3200
    • Increased Star Power healing from 600 → 800

    Nita – Nita’s short range and low health made her a bit too weak. These changes should allow her to be played more aggressively.

    • Increased health from 3400 → 3800
    • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300
    • Increased Bear speed from 500 → 550

    Poco – He had a lower use rate in high trophy games, these buffs should bring him back into the mix.

    • Decreased reload time from 2.0 → 1.8s
    • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300

    Spike – This reload time buff should help compensate for Spike’s shorter range and low health compared to other Brawlers.

    • Decreased reload time from 2.2 → 2.0s

    Bull – His previous buffs made him a little bit too overpowered, this should bring him back into the correct balance.

    • Decreased health from 5400 → 5200
    • Star Power now triggers at 40% health (from 50%)

    Richochet – By reducing his health we can compensate for Richochet’s huge range and damage potential.

    • Reduced health from 2800 → 2400

    Pam – Pam was nearly unstoppable in Gem Grab. These changes should make her more versatile across game modes, and less dominant in Smash & Grab. The increased reload speed and decreased number of projectiles allow her to fire more often and adapt quickly.

    • Reduced Healing Station’s heals per second from 360 → 320
    • Decreased Healing Station’s health from 3600 → 2800
    • Increased health from 4000 → 4200
    • Amount of bullets in each attack changed from 11 → 9 which will make the attack quicker
    • Decreased reload speed from 1.6 → 1.2s

    Mortis – Mortis was just too strong, so now his dash attack will heal enemies while damaging himself…. Just kidding! Our old friend Mortis was unstoppable in Brawl Ball while being somewhat ineffective in other game modes. Reducing his dash range and increasing his other stats should make him more balanced across modes.

    • Increased health from 2800 → 3200
    • Increased damage from 640 → 800
    • Increased speed from 650 → 700
    • Reduced main attack range from 3 → 2.33 tiles

    Barley – Barley had a very easy time hitting nearby enemies due to his bottles immediately exploding on contact (compared to Dynamike’s fuse). This should make him slightly less effective from a distance while distinguishing him from Dynamike.

    • Decreased main attack projectile fly speed by 15%
    • Increased Star Power healing from 100 → 200

    Crow – Crow was a bit too fast in his assassinations. By decreasing his Super jump speed, we’ll make him slightly easier to counter without reducing his other stats.

    • Decreased Super Jump speed by 20%

    Tara – Tara’s Super damage was slightly too low.

    • Increased Super damage from 560 → 800

    Shelly – Shelly is very popular in high-trophy games, and her Star Power was a bit too strong.

    • Decreased Star Power slowdown from 3.0 → 2.5s

      Event Balance

    Heist – The increased viability of melee tanks like Bull and El Primo affected the meta, and caused a slight advantage for attackers.

    • Increased safe health in all maps except GG Corral

    Robo Rumble

    • Increased health of second and third boss
    • Map adjustments to make luring enemy bots together impossible

    Bounty and Smash & Grab – In certain maps, the meta has shifted toward favoring long-range Brawlers. These adjustments will make the maps viable for close-range Brawlers and allow for additional Brawler combinations.

    • Level adjustments to Cabbage Patch, Mushroom Cave, Bone Box, and Terracotta Square to be more short range friendly

    Balance Changed Came From Brawl Stars Reddit

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    Show Down Tips And Tricks Sun, 21 Jan 2018 10:51:25 +0000 1. Choose A High Damage Or Fast Reload Champion

    You want to chose a high damage champion like Bull or Shelly because they can easily destroy boxes in a few shots.  This is also similar to fast reloading champs because they will be able to get more shots off, and thus destroy boxes easily.  However, if you chose a slow or low damage brawler like Piper or Pam, you will most likely be stuck at one box for quite some time.  In addition to this, you will not be able to 1 v 1 or dual brawlers easily in tight spaces, which most of the map is.

    2. You Do Not Always Have To Go For Kills

    Just because you see someone on the map does not mean that you have to fight them.  If you are low, they have a lot more elixir collected than you, or you just do not feel confident in fighting them, you can always choose to run.  This allows you to preserve your life without risking an early death and a loss of trophies. Fleeing instead of fighting is a safer way to gain trophies, but since you will not kill them and get their elixirs, you will have a lower chance of placing first overall.

    3. Use Bushes To Ambush People

    Bushes can be great cover to kill unsuspecting victims.  Hiding in a bush will not only allow you to get the first few shots off, but will surprise the enemy and force them into mistakes.  This tactic will allow you to easily kill your opponent.

    4. Make Friends

    If you spin around a lot near a player, they might spin back at you.  If they do spin back, you guys are now allies and will not kill each other.  This increases your chancing at getting a higher placement because fights should now be a 2 v 1 in your favor.  The morality of this tip is very questionable.

    5. Betray Friends

    Both of you can’t win.  Make sure to kill your friend before he will do to you.  Sometimes you should kill him right when you guys join forces.  Just make sure you can kill him or his next target will be you.

    6. Go All In

    If your feast and famine and want a win, go straight to the center.  If you can have control of those center boxes, or are the only brawler there, you will have a super easy time winning with 4-8 extra elixir over anyone else.

    7. Hug The Edge

    If you are scared and only want trophy gains, you can sit at the edge of the fog.  This will allow you to run into few people along your way to the center of the map.  You will increase your rank by doing nothing because as you sit at the edge of the poison,opponent brawlers will be duking it out all around the map, excluding you.

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