Background Information

Colt is a common brawler in the game.  He is usually unlocked early on and can be found  and you get to experience her during the tutorial. She does moderate damage and has a moderate a,out of health. Her weapon of choice is a shot gun and likewise the closer to a target she does, the more damage she will do.

Primary Attack

“Colt lets his long-range revolvers do his talking for him. He never seems to run out of lines.”

Six Shooters: Colt sends a line of many bullets flying in one direction. As your character moves, the bullet line moves.  The long range quality of this ability allows you to pick off distant enemies. In order to have an impact, at least 50% of your bullets must land.  Because of this mechanic, colt is a bit harder to play than other brawlers.

Super Ability

“Colt spins his chambers, rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything.”

Bullet Train: Colt fires an even longer range line of bullets. The bullets are larger and glow.  Like Shelly’s ultimate, Colt’s ultimate has the ability to destroy bushes, walls, and hit enemies behind them.

Star Power: Slick Boots

“Colt gets slick new boots that put a spring in his step, increasing his movement speed!”

Colt’s movement speed is increased this allows you to control your six shooter and bullet train easier.

Beginner Tips

Colt is like a sniper.  Because of this, keep your distance. Colt specializes in long range zoning and combat, and can pick Brawlers like Shelly, El Primo, and Bull without getting damaged if played correctly.

When fighting a long ranged brawler,like Ricochet, find a wall or bushes to hide in. Catching the enemy off guard will let you land the first few shots.

Colt has a quick reload time. This helps you when your against Brawlers like Brock whose reload time is relatively slow.  Hit them when they are reloading and don’t have a chance to retaliate trade with you.

Colt’s ultimate, Bullet Train, can be used to devastate enemies directly, or can be used to destroy enemy cover so the rest of the team can move in and finish the job.

Best Game Modes

My most favorite game modes to play Colt in are the once that require zoning.  His long range ability allows him to hold corners better than anyone else in the arena.  He can stop the enemy,y brawlers from advancing by providing a steady stream of bullets over a small hallway.  Because of these traits, I like colt in the heist and smash and grab.  He is able to break the bomb in heist very easily without being punished.  He can also easily open other pathways to the safe and snipe the health down on offense.  On defense he also excels at zoning the enemy brawlers away from the safe and bomb.  In smash and grab, Colt is able to zone the enemy off the gem mine and allow your team to recover them.  The worst game modes Colt can play is probably the showdown since most of his abilities can be easily dodges, in addition to the fact that he destroys elixir crates very slowly.





1.5 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2800
Bonus per Pin +70
Bonus per Badge +140
Medal Bonus +210
Crest Bonus +280


Statistic Damage per bullet
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Statistic Damage per bullet
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Colt is a fragile common character in Brawl Stars, who has the attack power of Shelly but the range of Jessie. He is extremely weak, having only 600 health (with no upgrades) but makes up for it in his 6 bullet rapid fire succession. He is one of the better starting characters, although later in the game there are better heroes. His super is a buffed version of his regular attack, which is larger and can destroy blocks such as rocks and walls.