El Primo

Background Information

El Primo is a common brawler among the brawlers. He is one of the few melee ranged brawlers. He must use bushes and angles off walls to the fullest potential in order to be able to get within striking range of the other brawlers.  He has high health and high damage but lacks mobility.  El Primo’s ultimate allows him to jump a huge distance in order which can help close the gap.

Primary Attack

“El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That’s a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!

Fists Of Fury: El Primo sends out a quick succession of four punches in melee range that can penetrate multiple units or boxes doing  high damage. His punches do not penetrate walls.  While El Primo must be close to his target to damage them, the enemy can not be right on top of him or El Primo misses. His punches are wider than Colts bullet stream but narrower than Shelly’s shots..

Super Ability

“Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that pounds and pushes away anything he lands on!”

Flying Elbow Drop: El Primo’s ultimate ability allows him to jump a big distance, ignoring all walls and even the river. When he lands, he deals damage and locks back all enemies hit.  His ultimate also destroys surrounding structures like vases, bushes, and non boundary defining walls.  El Primo’s ultimate isn’t used for damage but for the gap closing utility.

Star Power: El Fuego

“El Primo comes down like a comet! Enemies caught in his Super will burn for 600 damage over 4 seconds.”

This star power allows his ultimate to do a lot of damage. His 600 damage ticks over time which helps counter any healing over time or out of combat healing enemy brawlers may get.  This can be comparable to crow’s poison.

Beginner Tips

Use walls to your advantage. You can move behind them to get closer to enemy brawlers.

You can also hide in bushes and wait for an ambush. If they don’t check the bush with their basic attacks, they will do all the work and get close to you.

Your ultimate ability can be used both for chasing down vulnerable targets or to escape oppressive ones. Don’t be afraid to retreat until you are stronger.

Best Game Modes

El Primo thrives in close quarter combat with lots of chaos.  Because of this, his best game modes are Showdown and brawl bowl. He thrives in Showdown because he can usually control where the boxes of elixir are. If it’s feast or famine, you can get all center boxes if played correctly.  He also thrives in all Showdown maps because he can hide in lots of bushes and walk behind walls.  In brawl bowl, he can use his ultimate to clear a lot of boxes to make the goal clear for his team.  Because this is an objective map, people are forced to stay close together which helps El Primo out.  El Primo also does well on some smash and grab or bounty maps if they are covered in bushes.  If the maps aren’t filled with bushes, El Primo will struggle.





0.8 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 5800
Bonus per Pin +145
Bonus per Badge +290
Medal Bonus +435
Crest Bonus +580


Statistic Damage per punch
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Statistic Damage
Base 800
Bonus per Pin +20
Bonus per Badge +40
Medal Bonus +60
Crest Bonus +80


El Primo is a fighter based off the lucha libre fighting in Mexico. He was struck by a meteor in his early days, giving him superhuman strength and power. El Primo is an extremely short range character, as he uses his fists as a primary form of attack. El Primo is a tank, meaning that he can take a lot of hits, and this is likely due to the fact that he has a very slow movement speed and next to no range, so he has to take a lot of hits before he is within attacking range of another person. His super is a giant dropkick where he jumps high into the air and crashes into his foes, which can deal a lot of damage to fragile characters. Although the super was intended for clearing up clusters of players, players have found ulterior uses for it. For example, a popular use for this attack is to quickly maneuver away from opponents, as since El Primo’s walking speed is so slow, it’s quite hard to get away if one overextends. El Primo is immune to all attacks when the air, although in the brief period where he is stunned from landing, he is quite susceptible to a lot of attacks. It can also be used to destroy obstructing blocks.