Background Information

Poco is a super rare brawler in the game.  He is unlocked later on in the game and can be found in brawl chests.  He does moderate damage and has a moderate amount of health. His ultimate is able to heal him as well as do a little burst damage. His weapon of choice is a guitar that spreads out into an arc.  His attacks do not go through walls.

Primary Attack

“Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.”

Power Cord: This is a very wide spread attack that goes through walls.  The attack is also short ranged which means you have to be at the front line of your team.  However, your best position is in the front line behind a wall because you can duck in and out of battle, using your ultimate ability on yourself when you are almost about to die.  Use this to your advantage in order to win games.


Super Ability

“Poco plays an uplifting melody that heals himself and any teammates within range. Encore!”

Encore: This is a great heal for your team.  Although it is not as good as Pam’s heal, you provide more damage with your basic attacks that her.  Use this ability when your teammates are low so you get a second chance at a team fight.


Star Power: Da Capo!

“When Power Chord hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 200 health”

Try to communicate for your team to group up so you get a better deal out of your ult.  Using you ult for a key player on your team is also very good.


Beginner Tips

Stand behind walls to stay out of enemy fire as you advance to the enemy back line.

Try to heal your team as a group for the best value.

Your ultimate can provide a bit of burst damage if you want to kill a low health enemy brawler.


Best Game Modes

Poco is best in bounty where he can hide behind walls , pop out, and hit other people.  He can secure his team stars while not risking any of his own.  He can also use his ultimate to keep his teammates with lots of stars alive and away from danger.  Poco can also be good in showdown because his ultimate is a great 1 v 1 ability.  Poco is terrible in showdown because his ult does not break walls and he has very low mobility.



Super Rare


2 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 3200
Bonus per Pin +80
Bonus per Badge +160
Medal Bonus +240
Crest Bonus +320


Statistic Damage
Base 640
Bonus per Pin +16
Bonus per Badge +32
Medal Bonus +48
Crest Bonus +64


Statistic Heal
Base 1840
Bonus per Pin +46
Bonus per Badge +92
Medal Bonus +138
Crest Bonus +184


Poco is a super-rare character in Brawl Stars. His main attack is a strum from his guitar that deals a shock wave of music that spreads out, making him a great area of effect attacker. He has an attack that does not go through walls. He is mediocre in stats but makes up for it in his ultimate that can change the tide of a team fight. He is one of the better super rare characters, but is outshine in damage by some champions, and out done in healing by others.