Background Information

Dynamike is a common brawler in the game.  He is usually unlocked early on and can be found  in brawl chests. He does high damage and has a little amount of health. His weapon of choice are sticks of dynamite that he can chuck over walls. This bombs are an area of effect ability and can hit multiple enemy brawlers at once.

Primary Attack

“Short-tempered Mike is always moments from blowing up, just like the two lit sticks of dynamite he tosses.”

Short Fuse: Dynamike throws his stick of dynamite to a target location.  After a delay, the dynamite explodes in a circle.  Since he can throw over walls, use this to your advantage by taking cover while being able to dish out your damage.

Super Ability

“A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up just about everything. Enemies get knocked back on impact!”
Big Barrel o’ Boom: Dynamike’s ultimate ability is a bigger and stronger basic attack.  Instead of throwing a stick of dynamite, he throws a barrel full of dynamite.  The explosion causes massive damage and enemy units to be knocked back.  His ultimate can be used easily as a zoning tool to stop enemy brawlers from going through a certain pathway for a few seconds or to nuke a squishy

Star Power: Dyna-Jump

This star power allows Dynamike to jump in sync with the explosions of his bombs.  In heist, you can use this explosion to jump over walls which makes it extremely useful.  This ability also allows you to kite your opponent out even more.

Beginner Tips

Dynamike can do lots damage if thrown correctly. Since the dynamite takes  time to travel and detonate, try throwing the stick of dynamite where you think the enemy brawler will walk to, not where he is at now.

Standing behind a wall or in bushes will hep you do damage unscathed because most brawlers need a clear line of sight, unlike you.

In heist, you can use your When playing offense on Heist, throw your ultimate ability at the walls so you and your team have multiple pathways to shoot at the safe.

If you are being chased by an enemy at close range, throw dynamite a bit in front of you. This forces your opponent brawler to stop chasing you or take damage from your attack.

Best Game Modes

Dynamike is best in objective based games.  Because of this, he is good in smash and grab and bounty.  In smash and grab, he can ave a constant flow of explosives in a pathway or on the gem mine.  This allows his team to advance further and get control the map.  Dynamike is also good in bounty because he is good at killing things.  He can stay behind a wall to chuck explosives.  This way he earns points and does not risk losing his stars for the team.





1.7 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2800
Bonus per Pin +70
Bonus per Badge +140
Medal Bonus +210
Crest Bonus +280


Statistic Damage per dynamite
Base 720
Bonus per Pin +18
Bonus per Badge +36
Medal Bonus +54
Crest Bonus +72


Statistic Damage
Base 2000
Bonus per Pin +50
Bonus per Badge +100
Medal Bonus +150
Crest Bonus +200


Dynamike is a medium range artillery brawler who excels in zone control.  His bombs need time to get used to but after getting the timing down, he pumps out a lot of damage. His big bomb can destroy walls which can be useful in events like heist or brawl ball.  His strengths lie in game modes like smash and grab and bounty.