Background Information

Crow is a legendary character among the brawlers. He is a high ranged low health brawler. His weapon of choice are three poison darts. She can chase people well or run away efficiently with his ult.  Crow’s primary attack puts a poison on the enemy which deals damage over time and stops their out of combat regen from happening.

Primary Attack

“Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by these blades will take damage over time.”

Knife Toss: The knives Tara wields shoots out three poisoned daggers instantly in a cone.  The range is not impressive but its wideness helps aiming.  The cards do split up so the cone is not a complete hit box, only the edges and the center of the cone do damage to brawlers.  The three knives firing at once allows you to have less accuracy an still do damage.  This allows an easier time to hit at least one knife. In addition, if you do hit an enemy brawler they will get poison and take some damage over the next few seconds.


Super Ability

“Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.”

Swoop:  This ultimate ability is similar to Piper’s ultimate but it has two parts instead.  Crow throws out a ring of daggers upon going into the sky and again when he lands.  This lets his do lots of damage in two different areas of the map.  Use your ultimate to finish off a kill, chase someone down, or to run away.


Star Power: Extra Toxic

“Crow’s poison saps the strength of enemies, causing them to do 10% less damage while the poison is active.”

This helps the dueling power of Crow.  Because of his low health, receiving 10% less damage is actually pretty noticeable.  Not only that, but if you do not mind relying on your team, you can use your ultimate and dive straight into the enemy team.  Your second ring of daggers from your ult will hit all the other brawlers making them do less damage.  If your team follows up quickly you can cheese a win for a team fight.


Beginner Tips

Crow’s firing mechanic is separated into three parts and will take some time to get used to, practice makes perfect.

Crow has little health and  should always be hiding in a bush waiting for an ambush.  Expose yourself only when you think you can execute an assassination.

When going for a kill, try to use knives and ultimate ability quickly to create more burst damage and minimize their chance to react or heal to your damage.

Crow’s ultimate can be used for more damage, catch an out of position enemy brawler, or to escape a failed attempt.

Best Game Modes

Crow is best in kill based games.  He is good in Shown Down and Bounty.  Crow is good in is Showdown.  This is because there is a lot of chaos going around allowing him to get up close to execute an assassination.  His poison and ticking damage also helps stop enemy brawlers from regening health in the arena.  His damage is also very good if you collect a few elixir jars either from kills or from the crates of elixir.Crow is  also good in bounty because his assassin like play style will allow you to get lots of stars for your team. You must know Tara’s limits though because you want to be able to escape after you get the kill.




Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2400
Bonus per Pin +60
Bonus per Badge +120
Medal Bonus +180
Crest Bonus +240
Max 3240



1.5 seconds
Statistic Damage per dagger
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32
Max 432


Statistic Damage per dagger
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32
Max 432


Crow is an assassin knife throwing character in Brawl Stars and it one of the harder characters a player will get from a loot box. His assassin like play style makes the user need to know her damage and limits to play her effectively.  He is not as hard as Tara because he has a built in escape.  Worse comes to worse you can just use your super ability to get out of  bad situation. Crow’s ult however makes him excel in chasing people down and doing burst damage.  He is good in kill based games like bounty and show down.  Overall he is a hard brawler that is very rewarding to play once you get the hang of him.