Background Information

Daryyl is a super rare brawler among the brawlers. He is a short ranged brawler. His weapon of choice is a shot gun. His range is shorter than Shelly’s range but longer than Bull’s range.  He must hide in bushes and use the angles given by walls to the fullest potential in order to be able to get within striking range of the other brawlers.  He has medium health and high damage but lacks mobility .  Bull’s ultimate allows him to charge in one direction which can help him get close to his targets..

Primary Attack

“These double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.

Double Deuce: His shotgun has a range that is less than Shelly’s shot gun but father than Bull’s shot gun.  Because of this, his shot gun will naturally do more damage. His range is barely better than El Primo’s melee range.  The best way to use this is to run at a person, use walls, or wait in a bush.  You really can’t chase someone in a 1 v 1 if there are no other distractions.

Super Ability

“Darryl jumps into his barrel and rolls around, bouncing off walls and damaging any enemies he hits.”

Barrel Roll:  The barrel roll ability is a weird ability.  You move around the map very fast and bounce off walls.  Because of this, there is a little randomness because its hard to calculate where you will bounce to with lots of accuracy. I still do not really see how this ultimate can be super beneficial to your teem except maybe bounty just to try getting random kills.  It may also be useful in heist if you want to try getting to the bank a little bit faster.

Star Power: Iron Hoops

“Darryl’s newly reinforced barrel shields him during his Super roll, reducing all damage he takes by 80%.”

This star power lets him have both more health and less likely to die when rolling around.  I still do not really see the potential in this ultimate but I guess more tanky means a bigger distraction right?  You might be able to get to the back line easier which can be good.

Beginner Tips

Use walls and bushes to get closer to enemies.


Your ultimate can be used to run away in Smash and Grab to store your crystals safely

The closer you are to your target, the more damage you will do

Best Game Modes

Dayrll wants to be  in close quarter combat with lots of hiding spots.  His ultimate can be used to create chaos and run away from people.  This means he is good in bounty, where he can get to the squishy targets easily.  In addition, Daryyl is good in Smash and Grab because once he has a decent amount of gems, he can use his ultimate ability to run away from the enemy brawlers and secure the points for his team.


Statistic Health
Base 4600
Bonus per Pin +115
Bonus per Badge +230
Medal Bonus +345
Crest Bonus +460


Statistic Damage per shell
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Statistic Damage
Base 640
Bonus per Pin +16
Bonus per Badge +32
Medal Bonus +48
Crest Bonus +64


Daryyl is a rare brawler that has a a shot gun range smaller than Shelly but bigger than bull.  You have to treat his carefully as he is short ranged but he will do a lot of damage if you get to your desired target.  His ultimate ability lets him creat chaos around the battlefield and run away or charge in like a maniac.  Because of this, his best game modes are Smash and Grab and Bounty,