Background Information

Tara is a mythic character among the brawlers. She is a medium ranged assassin. Her weapon of choice are three cards. She can chase people well and knock people into a center location.  She has medium health and medium to high damage and has some mobility .  Tara’s ultimate allows her to make people go to a center point, stunning them and making them take damage.

Primary Attack

“Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!”

Triple Tarot: The tarot cards Tara wields shoots out three cards instantly in a cone.  The range is not impressive but its wideness helps aiming.  The cards do split up so the cone is not a complete hit box, only the edges and the center of the cone do damage to brawlers.  The threecards firing at once allows you to have less accuracy an still do damage.  This allows an easier time to hit at least one card. If your good, you may be able to hit two champions with one throw.  It is unlikely that you will hit brawlers with all three of your cards unless they are grouped up.

Super Ability

“Tara’s greatest illusion draws her audience inexorably in. Everyone caught in the attraction will bump heads painfully!”

Gravity: Tara’s ultimate is a ball that sucks people towards it. If a brawler gets sucked in they take damage and get knocked back a little. Tara throws the ball and after a slight delay it is activated and sucks in nearby brawlers.  This ultimate is good for trying to chase people down and bring them closer to you, kiting enemy brawlers by disrupting their movement and pushing them away from you, or zoning by blocking off a certain area of the map for a few seconds.

Star Power: Black Portal

“Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.”

This star power allows for more damage.  The clone can distract you enemies and make them waste their abilities. The clone can also be a way for you to reach the enemy back line and kill squishy targets like Piper, Brock, or Colt.

Beginner Tips

Tara’s firing mechanic is unlike most brawlers, it will take some time to get used to.

Tara has medium to little health and  should always be behind walls.  Expose yourself only when you think you can execute an assassination.

When going for a kill, try to use your cards quickly to create more burst damage and minimize their chance to react or heal to your damage.

Tara’s ultimate can be used for more damage, separate people from a fight, or to catch someone out of positions and set up an assassination.

Best Game Modes

Tara is best in kill based games.  She is good in bounty and show down.  Tara is good in bounty because his assassin like play style will allow you to get lots of stars for your team. You must know Tara’s limits though because you want to be able to escape after you get the kill.  Another game mode Tara is good in is Showdown.  This is because there is a lot of chaos going around allowing her to get up close to execute an assassination.  Her damage is also very good if you collect a few elixir jars either from kills or from the crates of elixir.





2 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 3200
Bonus per Pin +80
Bonus per Badge +160
Medal Bonus +240
Crest Bonus +320


Statistic Damage per card
Base 400
Bonus per Pin +10
Bonus per Badge +20
Medal Bonus +30
Crest Bonus +40


Statistic Damage
Base 560
Bonus per Pin +14
Bonus per Badge +28
Medal Bonus +42
Crest Bonus +56


Tara is an assassin card wielding character in Brawl Stars and it one of the harder characters a player will get from a loot box. Her assassin like play style makes the user need to know her damage and limits or else she will die one for one or in vain.  Tara excels in chasing people down and doing burst damage.  She is good in kill based games like bounty and show down.  Overall she is a complex brawler that is very rewarding to play once mastered.