Landscape Mode Update

TLDR: The economy is changed from upgrade tokens to power points and coins are now keys.  There is a UI overhaul and a new map for gem grab. Pam has been buffed and El Primo has been nerfed.

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The Landscape Update has arrived! This update is a major head-turner, as we’ve redone the entire Upgrade System, changed the control scheme, and of course moved into Landscape mode!

New Upgrade System explained:

Power Points: You’ll now upgrade your Brawlers by collecting Power Points. These can be found in Brawl Boxes and in the shop. Once you’ve gathered enough Power Points, the Brawler can be upgraded with “Coins” (these are different than the old Coins!). Brawlers can be upgraded all the way from level 1-10.

Coins → Keys: Brawl Boxes will now be opened with Keys. These work in the exact same way as Coins did before. 100 Keys, gets you a Brawl Box!

Out with the old “Coins” in with the new! Coins are now the name for a new resource. These shiny new Coins can be found in Brawl Boxes and used to purchase Brawler upgrades.

Brawl Boxes will now contain: Coins, Power Points, Key-Doublers, new Brawlers, Star Powers (after reaching Brawler Level 9), and tickets.

Tokens → Keys: Your leftover Tokens will be converted into Keys which can open more Brawl Boxes. Your Brawlers will be converted to their equivalent level in the new system, and the leftover pins/badges/etc will be converted into extra Brawl Boxes.

Conversion logic:

0 pin power -> level 1

1 – 2 pin power -> level 2

3 – 5 pin power -> level 3

6 – 9 pin power -> level 4

10 – 14 pin power -> level 5

15 – 20 pin power -> level 6

21 – 27 pin power -> level 7

28 – 34 pin power -> level 8

35 – 42 pin power -> level 9

50 pin power -> level 10

Excess pin power after the level minimum threshold is converted to Keys

  • 1 excess power = 100 Keys (1 Brawl Box)

Remaining Tokens are converted to Keys

  • 1 Token = 5 Keys

After conversion, total is rounded up to the next Brawl Box (100 Keys)


  • 3v3 Match: Win 10 keys, defeat 5 keys, draw 7 keys
  • 3v3 Practice: Win 6 keys, defeat 3 keys, draw 4 keys
  • More Keys are now awarded to the top 4 finishers in Showdown
  • More Keys are now awarded for completing each event slot (60, 40, 20)
  • New event Key reward is now always 10 Keys
  • First win Key reward is now always 20 Keys
  • Maximum Key reward from Robo Rumble from 40 → 32

In total, players will now receive 57 more Keys per day!


  • Boss Mode: Boss now has health decay. Maximum survival time is approximately 5 minutes
  • Gem Grab: New map added! Welcome to Sapphire Plains
  • Pam’s damage increased from 160 → 180
  • El Primo’s health decreased from 5800 → 5600


  • Shop overhaul! Many more timed offers available in the shop
  • Many graphical and UI improvements and changes
  • Mask added to ensure the same field of vision across all devices
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • All Coin Boosters will be removed and refunded (4 gems/day)
  • Spawn Protection added to Showdown
  • Game Rooms made by friends are now shown under the friends tab

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