Background Information

Nita is a common brawler in the game.  She is usually unlocked early on and can be found in brawler chests. She does good damage and has a a little less than average amount of health. Her weapon of choice is a rupturing ground and one of her basic attacks can hit multiple enemies.

Primary Attack

“Nita sends forth a shockwave, rupturing the ground and damaging enemies caught in the tremor.”

Rupture: Nita sends stones in a straight line at short range.  The shock wave has a decent width to it but does not spread as it travels further away.

Super Ability

“Nita calls the spirit of Big Baby Bear to manifest and maul her enemies.”

Overbearing: Nita casts a canister and once it hits the ground, it summons a bear.  The bear will target the closest enemy to its spawn location and will change targets once the enemy brawler is dead.

Star Power: Bear With Me

“Nita recovers 200 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deal damage, her bear regains 200 health.”

This allows Nita to heal in fights.  Her star power allows for an easier time when dueling other people.  it doesn’t provide much utility as her ult cannot break through walls.

Beginner Tips

Nita’s basic attack can hit multiple enemies or elixir boxes from a medium distance away. Use this to your advantage  when there are multiple enemies or elixir boxes grouped up.

Nita’s ultimate ability can be thrown over walls, so it can come in handy for dealing with enemies that are hiding behind a wall.

Her ultimate bear can be used as a tank.  It can block enemy fire for her and distract enemies for long enough so Nita herself can dish out a good amount of damage.

The ultimate ability can be used to face check bushes so you do not run into an El Primo or Shelly.

Best Game Mode





1.25 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 3400
Bonus per Pin +85
Bonus per Badge +170
Medal Bonus +255
Crest Bonus +340


Statistic Damage
Base 680
Bonus per Pin +17
Bonus per Badge +34
Medal Bonus +51
Crest Bonus +68


Statistic Bear Damage Bear Health
Base 400 4000
Bonus per Pin +10 +100
Bonus per Badge +20 +200
Medal Bonus +30 +300
Crest Bonus +40 +400


Nita is another common brawler who looks like a young child, but is secretly  a killer and bear summoner. She might be small but she can hit quite hard. According to her character description, she is the youngest of her Native American tribal shamans. Her attack is a shock wave tremor, which is short to medium range but deals a lot of damage. Her most iconic ability is her Super, summoning a massive and violent bear, which has a lot of health and will endlessly pursue the other team. When the bear attacks, it builds her super.