Background Information

Bo is a super rare character among the brawlers. He is a long ranged brawler. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. He can hold corners on people and zone them from pathways and objectives.  He has medium health and high damage and lacks mobility .  Brock’s ultimate allows him to control objectives even harder by putting a mine field around small areas..

Primary Attack

“Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.”

Eagle Eyed: The bow and arrow Bo wields shoots out three arrows in quick succession that move with you.  The range is large but not nearly as big as Cult’s range or Ricochet’s range.  However, the three arrows firing not at once allows you to move with your enemy.  This allows an easier time to hit at least one arrow.  Generally you want at least two arrows hitting every shot or you will not do much damage.  You will win easily if you can consistently hit three arrows every volley on Bo.  This may take some time to get used to which makes him an advanced character.

Super Ability

“Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away!”

Catch A Fox: Brock’s ultimate is three bombs instead of arrows. Bo deploys three armed mines that spread over a medium sized area.  The mines do not trigger until and enemy brawler walks over it.  The bombs also take a few seconds to arm once they hit the ground. The explosions from the bomb causes medium damage and knocks back the enemy brawlers.   Bo’s ultimate will break walls.  His ultimate ability  can be used  as a zoning tool to stop enemy brawlers from going through a certain path or objective area for a while or do damage to an entire enemy team.

Star Power: Circling Eagle

“Bo gains the ability to spot enemies hidden in bushes from an uncanny distance. Shared with teammates!”

This star power allows for more map control.  Your team will gain more vision which will make you less susceptible to ambushes or flanks.  This is extremely good in bounty maps where 90% of it is bush.  This star power is not that useful in brawl ball since tracking the enemy brawlers are fairly easy to track.

Beginner Tips

Bo’s firing mechanic is fairly unique, do not quit if you get frustrated early on.

Bo has medium to little health and  should always be in the back line.  If you happen to be to close, use your ult on yourself to dissuade the enemy brawler from chasing you.

Always keep an arrow stored in your ammo just in case some one ambushes you.  AT least you can bring some retaliation damage to them.

Use Bo’s supper to close off pathways to the objective or control point.

Best Game Modes

Bo is best in team based games.  He is good in bounty and smash and grab. Brock is good in bounty because his star power allows his team to never be cught off guard. You do not want to die in bounty so his star power is perfect. He can scout for his team and use his ultimate ability on himself if he ever gets too close.. In smash and grab, he can have a constant barrage of arrows in a pathway or on the gem mine.  This allows his team to advance further and get control the map.   This way he earns points and does not risk losing his stars for the team.



Super Rare


1.7 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 3200
Bonus per Pin +80
Bonus per Badge +160
Medal Bonus +240
Crest Bonus +320


Statistic Damage per arrow
Base 400
Bonus per Pin +10
Bonus per Badge +20
Medal Bonus +30
Crest Bonus +40


Statistic Damage per trap
Base 1440
Bonus per Pin +36
Bonus per Badge +72
Medal Bonus +108
Crest Bonus +144


Bo is an archer in Brawl Stars and it one of the mid tier characters a player will get from a loot box. He is a medium ranged character with attacks that have splash damage on impact. He fires three arrows at a time and can hit multiple targets once or one target multiple times.  The ultimate allows you to zone off areas with land mines only triggered when enemy brawlers walk over the area.