3 Boss Fight Tips (As Team)

1. Play A Ranged Brawler
A ranged brawler brings a lot of advantages to the table. You are allowed ti hide behind walls from the boss brawler which allows you to do damage while being safe from damage. You can also kite away from the boss if he is chasing after you. If you are a melee brawler, you have to continually chase the boss which waste time and gives you less of a gold reward.

2. Try to Traps Them
If you are trying to hit a moving target, n you may find out that you miss sometimes which will waste your time and give you less of a reward. Because of this, you want to try to trap the enemy boss in a corner. This will allow you to increase your damage by missing less. This will allow you to get a kill taster and get a higher reward.

3.AOE Brawlers Are The Best
Area of effect brawlers like dynamite or barely are better because type can cut the path off from the boss to run. This will force him to double back and run into your team’s damage. If you chose a ranged brawler like ricochet or barley, you will have a much harder time zoning off the boss. Dynamike and barely ultimates also provide a lot more damage compared to colt or ricochet. This allows you to end the game faster, letting you earn more gold.

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