Boss Fight Tips (As Boss)

  1. Choose A Ranged Brawler

The Last thing you want is to be kited out by enemy brawlers that have ranged.  This allows them to damage you without them able to die or get hit.  Because of this, you will on average be damaged more than if you killed you enemies a few times, which will decrease your gold reward.

2.  Hide In Bushes

If the enemy doesn’t see you right when you spawn, you can hide in a bush.  This forces your enemy to waste time by checking all the bushes around you until they find you.  This will allow you to live longer and get a bigger gold reward.

3. Choose A Mobile Brawler

A mobile brawler like Bull and Darryll can use their ultimate to run away from the enemy team.  This allows you to not get hit for a few seconds.  After using a few ults, you have increased the time you have stayed alive.  This will further increase the amount of gold you will earn.

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