Bounty Mode


Bounty is a team death match game mode where players try to kill enemy brawlers on the other team.  Teams are comprised of three brawlers each.  One team is red and one team is blue, each spawning on their own side of the map.  At the start of the round and after each re spawn, a brawler is worth two stars, their bounty.  The more kills a brawler gets, the higher their bounty is. If a brawler with a large bounty is killed, that brawler’s bounty is given to the person that killed him. There is a max bounty of 7 stars, meaning if you kill an enemy at 7 stars, your bounty will not increase.  Brawlers that are good in this game mode are kill oriented ones like Crow, Tara, and Shelly.  The maps are mostly symmetrical.