Background Information

Bull is a rare brawler among the brawlers. He is a short ranged brawler. His weapon of choice is a shot gun. He must hide in bushes and use the angles given by walls to the fullest potential in order to be able to get within striking range of the other brawlers.  He has medium health and high damage but lacks mobility .  Bull’s ultimate allows him to charge in one direction which can help him get close to his targets..

Primary Attack

“Bull can’t see ten feet, but he doesn’t need to! His double barreled shotgun can blow off a barn door with ease.”

Double Barrel: His shotgun has a range that is a lot less than Shelly’s shot gun.  Because of this, his shot gun will naturally do more damage. His range is basically melee range.  The best way to use this is to run at a person, se walls, or wait in a bush.  You really can’t chase someone in a 1 v 1 if there are no other distractions.


Super Ability

“Bull has always been headstrong. So he puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles.”

Bulldozer:  The bulldozer ability is similar to the one of El Primo.  Bull charges in a line and knocks back people in his way. The ultimate destroys walls and other objects but he cannot travel over the river.This ultimate is useful for chasing down enemies or running away from some one that is about to kill you.


Star Power: Berserker

“When Bull falls below 50% health, his reload speed doubles!”

This ability lets him have both damage and utility.  This passive lets your enemies get tricked by how much damage you actually will do.  With increased reload speeds, the lower health you are the more damage you will out put.  This can lead to some close calls that lead to your favor.


Beginner Tips

Use walls to to get closer to enemies.  This lets you get close to them without taking damage

You can also wait in bushes for an ambush. If they don’t check the bush with their basic attacks, they will do all the work and get close to you.  With a quick and direct shot, you can chunk them for half health

Your ultimate ability can be used both for chasing down vulnerable targets or to escape oppressive ones. Don’t be afraid to retreat until you are stronger.

Best Game Modes

bull wants to be  in close quarter combat with lots of hiding spots.  Because of this, his best game modes are Showdown and brawl bowl. He thrives in Showdown because he can easily destroy the elixir boxes with 3 shots. If it’s feast or famine, you can get many center boxes if played correctly.  He also thrives in all Showdown maps because he can hide in lots of bushes and walk behind walls.  In brawl ball, he can use his ultimate to clear the line boxes right in front of the goal in order to make scoring easy for his team.  Because this is an objective map, people are forced to stay close together which helps Bull out.  Bull does not do well on smash and grab or bounty maps because there is usually a lot of open spaces that require long ranged attacks.





1.6 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 5000
Bonus per Pin +125
Bonus per Badge +250
Medal Bonus +375
Crest Bonus +500


Statistic Damage per shell
Base 440
Bonus per Pin +11
Bonus per Badge +22
Medal Bonus +33
Crest Bonus +44


Statistic Damage
Base 800
Bonus per Pin +20
Bonus per Badge +40
Medal Bonus +60
Crest Bonus +80


Bull is a rare brawler that has a similar weapon of Shelly and a similar play style of El Primo.  You have to treat his carefully as he is short ranged but he will do a lot of damage if you get to your desired target.  Because of this, his best game modes are brawl ball and showdown.  He will not fair well against maps with lots of open space like heist of smash and grab.