Background Information

Jessie is a rare brawler among the brawlers. She is a long ranged brawler. Her weapon of choice is a laser gun. She can hug walls to get good angles on people and zone them from pathways and objectives.  She has low health and high damage and lacks mobility .  Jessie’s ultimate allows her to control objectives even hard in addition to providing a second point of attack or defense.

Primary Attack

“Jessie’s own invention, the Shock Rifle fires an energy orb that seeks out up to 3 targets before fizzling out.”

Shock Rifle: The shock rifle shoots out a blast that can bounce from enemy to enemy.  A single blast does ok damage but if it bounces it can do lots of damage in addition to filling up your energy bar quickly.

Super Ability

“Jessie cobbles together a gun turret out of random scrap. She’s a genius!”

Scrappy: After her energy bar is full, she can summon a turret.  These turrets can be thrown over walls which can be helpful if someone is hiding like a Dynamike.  The turret provides good defense and control but lacks on offensive ability since it is stationary.


Star Power: Energize

“Jessie modifies her Shock Rifle to recharge her turrets! Hitting a turret restores 600 of its missing health.”

This star power allows for even stronger objective control from Jessie.  If she has a turret placed down, she can shoot at groups of brawlers.  Even is her shock rifle blast only bounces off 2 people, the turret regains a lot of health.  This star power makes Jessie’s turret nearly indestructible if you are accurate with your shock rifle.

Beginner Tips

Your bouncing shot can do lots of damage, aim for groups of brawlers.

Your ultimate ability is a great distraction.  If you place it right in front of you, you can block a few shots from enemy brawlers.

Place your turret in a bush so it hides from the enemy, giving you lots of free damage.

In a 1 v 1, you can hide behind a wall and have your turret on the opposite side.  This forces your opponent to either fight you or deal with your turret and lose health, making for an easy kill.


Best Game Modes

The best game mode for Jessie are objective based modes.  She excels in the game modes like Smash and Grab in addition to Bounty.  Her turret can provide precise objective control and cut down pathways or defend an objective.  In bounty, if she gets ahead, there is no recovery for the enemy team.  Combined with her turret, her team can play defensively the rest of the game until time expires and win the game.





2 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2800
Bonus per Pin +70
Bonus per Badge +140
Medal Bonus +210
Crest Bonus +280


Statistic Damage
Base 720
Bonus per Pin +18
Bonus per Badge +36
Medal Bonus +54
Crest Bonus +72


Statistic Health Damage
Base 2800 240
Bonus per Pin +70 +6
Bonus per Badge +140 +12
Medal Bonus +210 +18
Crest Bonus +280 +24


Jessie is a cowgirl character in Brawl Stars and it one of the early characters a player will get from a loot box. She is long range character, though she has little to no spread in her attack. She only fires one bullet, though if it hits a player, it will angle itself to hit another player, so she is good when the opposing team is grouped close together.  The turret acts like a normal turret and will keep on firing at a player so long as they are in range and are not in grass or behind a wall. The turret will not stop firing until its health is reduced to 0.