Background Information

Shelly is a common brawler in the game.  She is unlocked right from the start and you get to experience her during the tutorial. She does moderate damage and has a moderate a,out of health. Her weapon of choice is a shot gun and likewise the closer to a target she does, the more damage she will do.

Primary Attack

“Shelly’s boomstick is always locked and loaded. You don’t want to be anywhere in front of this baby.”

Buckshot: Shelly will fire multiple pellets out of her shotgun doing a medium amount of damage, more pellets will hit her target the closer she is, resulting in more damage. Her maximum range is decent and can be used to poke out shorter ranged enemies like El Primo.

Super Ability

“Shelly’s Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way.”

Super Shell: Shelly’s super Attack is basically a bigger and more powerful version on her basic Attack.  Her pellets will now break walls and knock back her enemies. She can break walls, bushes, and other obstacles non boundary defining obstacles. In addition to this, each pellet will do significantly more damage to her enemies.

Star Power: Shell Shock

“Shelly’s shocking Super shells slow down enemies for 3.0 seconds!”

Shelly’s ultimate will now slow enemy units for 3 seconds.  This allows for easier kiting, or chasing which will help her kill her targets.

Beginner Tips

Shelly is strong at medium range combat and is best at close range.
Shelly’s shotgun shells can check  groups of bushes for enemy brawlers, which can help her avoid bad match ups or peruse easy kills
Because of her closer range, Shelly should use walls when advancing towards long range enemy Brawlers, like Colt and Ricochet, since their range is a lot farther than Shelly’s range and easily kill her if she is exposed.
Shelly is good at killing El Primo. Since El Primo has to get in melee range  to  attack his targets, Shelly can do great damage to him as she also benefits from close quarter combat.
Her Super’s knock-back effect can used to kite back El Primo’s punches by knocking him out of melee range
Super Shell is both a supporting tool as well as an offensive move. Because Shelly’s super cell can destroy obstacles, Shelly can destroy any enemy cover so her teammates can move in and finish them off or she can take the kills herself. Some of the super shell pellets will most likely hit the enemy anyways.
Her Super Shell can also be utilized as a fourth shot when she is out of ammo.

Best Game Modes

I like using Shelly in the game modes Showdown and Brawl Ball. Her ultimate ability can be used to easily kill opponents for their elixir in Showdown as well as zoning off enemies into the gas.  I also like using Shelly in  Brawl Ball because her ultimate is extremely useful.  She can clear all boxes away on the enemy side of the field which will allow your team to make more creative angles for attack on the opponent’s goal.





1.5 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 3200
Bonus per Pin +80
Bonus per Badge +160
Medal Bonus +240
Crest Bonus +320


Statistic Damage per shell
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Statistic Damage per shell
Base 320
Bonus per Pin +8
Bonus per Badge +16
Medal Bonus +24
Crest Bonus +32


Shelly is the main character for Brawl Stars and is provided during the tutorial. She has a medium to low range weapon, though it has significant spread, meaning that players without good aim can still use her; which is why she is likely a tutorial character. Her Super is the same as her regular attack, except it deals significantly more damage, is orange in color instead of blue, and has knockback. It can also break blocks, making it good for opening up areas.