Background Information

Piper is an epic champion among the brawlers. She is a long ranged brawler. Her weapon of choice is a sniper. She can hug walls to get good angles on people and zone them from pathways.  She has low health and extremelyhigh damage and lacks mobility except from her ultimate.  Pipers’s ultimate allows her to preposition to a better location or to chase down a low health unit- although not recommended at all.

Primary Attack

“Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!”

Gunbrella: The shock rifle shoots out a high damage shell that only hits one champion.  You can two shot people with this weapon but it is extremely hard to aim at close range, and less effective.  In order to get full potential, you want to be firing it at max range.  This also helps you be safe as the farther you are, the more damage you do and the safer you are.

Super Ability

“Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady’s favor though: three live grenades from her garter!”

Poppin: i recommend to always use this ult to run away.  I can rarely think of a good time to jump onto someone because your damage is reduced and you should die in a few seconds if the enemy team is competent at collapsing on you.  The only reason I can think of if its a last second ultimate in bounty or smash and grab and you need a kill in order not to lose the game.  This ulti should be used to preposition around the map

Star Power: Ambush

“Like a viper, Piper sets up an ambush whenever she is hidden in a bush, dealing +400 damage (at max range).”

This star power allows for even stronger one shotting power from Piper.  If she his hidden in a brush, she can easily pop a squishy target.  This makes her strong in maps that have brush distribution in it, which is nearly all maps.

Beginner Tips

Stay Back and shot your rifle. There is no need to collect gems or be near the front.

Hide in bushes and behind walls to keep maximum safety.

If someone can shoot you, you are too close.

Hide in a bush for maximum damage from your star power primary attack.

The further you shot travels, the more damage it will do.

Never use your ult for anything but to flee a person that is near you.

Best Game Modes

The best game mode for Piper are kill based ones.  She excels in the game modes like Smash and Grab in addition to Bounty.  All she needs to do in both these games is to stand back and try to pick off the closes target available.  She is horrible in show down and brawl ball because there is too much close ranged fights and she will just die over and over.  She can not utilize her high damage from afar and will constantly be jumped on.





3 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2400
Bonus per Pin +60
Bonus per Badge +120
Medal Bonus +180
Crest Bonus +240


Statistic Damage at max range
Base 1680
Bonus per Pin +42
Bonus per Badge +84
Medal Bonus +126
Crest Bonus +168


Statistic Damage per grenade
Base 800
Bonus per Pin +20
Bonus per Badge +40
Medal Bonus +60
Crest Bonus +80


Piper resembles something of what princess peach is from the Mario world.  She is a high damage low health brawler that does nothing but try to one shot people. She has no mobility and her only escape is her ultimate ability.  Because of this, you only want to use you ultimate to run away and never to chase down a kill.  If you do, you will be jumped on and killed on sight.  In my opinion, Piper is one of the most fun champions to play especially if you have the star power ambush.  It is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game to one shot a full health brawler and think about all the counter play there is to her.