Background Information

Spike is a legendary character among the brawlers. He is a long ranged brawler. His weapon of choice is a cactus. He is best vs groups of brawlers as his primary attack and super ability deal with them extremely well.  He has medium health and high damage and lacks mobility .  Spikes’s ultimate allows him to slow down and damage enemy brawlers within a certain area.

Primary Attack

“Spike throws a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.”

Needle Grenade:  Spike throws a needle grenade that explodes upon impact and shoots spikes outwards.  The spikes add more range to the needle grenade and also does some damage.  If the grenade does not hit an enemy brawler, it will detonate at a fixed distance.


Super Ability

“Spike invites all seedlings to a cactus party! Enemies caught in the area take damage and get slowed down.”

Stick Around: Spike throws a trap on the ground that heavily slows and damages enemy brawlers.  This trap lasts for a few seconds and if an enemy brawler is in that area, your needle grenades will be easy to hit.  This ultimate can also be used for zoning.  An example would be in heist where there ins only one pathway.  If you throw your trap on the entrance flow, you effectively stall the attacking enemy from breaching for a few seconds-which can win you the game.

Star Power: Fertilize

“After using Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per second by staying in its area of effect.”

This ability is weird because you get both damage and healing from it.  But since you have very little health, you do not really want to be in the front line.  Because of this, you will either use your ult to heal yourself up, or to do damage.  You generally only want one or the other because if you do both you are in great risk of dying.  The only time you would use it for damage and healing is if you are being chased.  You throw your ult on the ground at your feet so you heal in addition to slowing down and damaging the person you chase.  This star power improves your kiting potential a lot.

Beginner Tips

The spikes coming out of needle grenade will increase your primary attack range slightly.

Your ultimate ability can trap enemy brawlers in narrow hallways making it easy for your team to focus them and kill them quickly.

Look for groups of brawlers, you will be able to do lots of damage in addition to quickly charging up your ultimate ability.

Best Game Modes

Spike is best in team fighting game modes because of his insane damage to groups of brawlers.  Spike is good in bounty because his ultimate can lock brawlers down and make your team get some easy kills.  Spike can also hit multiple brawlers which can weaken the enemy team for your allies to finish them off.  Spike is also good in smash and grab because his ult is very good for zoning off the gem mine.  He can throw the ult in a narrow walk way and allow his team to position and take control of the gem mine area.




Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2400
Bonus per Pin +60
Bonus per Badge +120
Medal Bonus +180
Crest Bonus +240
Max 3240



2.2 seconds
Statistic Damage per spike
Base 480
Bonus per Pin +12
Bonus per Badge +24
Medal Bonus +36
Crest Bonus +48
Max 648


Statistic Damage per second
Base 400
Bonus per Pin +10
Bonus per Badge +20
Medal Bonus +30
Crest Bonus +40
Max 540


Spike is a legendary brawler in Brawl Stars.  He is a team fighting oriented fighter than does a ton of damage if he can get to a group of brawlers.  His ultimate slows and damages targets that stay in the zone.  With his star power, his ultimate will heal him ever seconds as long as he remains in the circle.  Spike is good in smash and grab and bounty.