Background Information

Mortis is a mythic character in Brawl Stars.  He has low health high damage, and a ton of mobility.  His high mobility allows him to become slippery and has the ability to dodge a lot of skill shots.  He has some self healing like Poco.  Mortis weapon of choice is a shovel and his attack range is melee.  Mortis’s ult allows him to have a little more suitability.

Primary Attack

“Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel.”

Shovel Swing:  Mortis dashes forward and damages any champion in his way.  This ability can be used for damage like the tool tip says or you can use it to dodge other brawlers abilities.  If u see a Brock rocket heading your way, you can dash to the left or right and make him miss.  This allows u to get closer to your target brawler with taking less damage on the way there.  Be careful though because if you use all your dashes to dodge skill shots, you will not have any left to kill your opponent easily.

Super Ability

“Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!”

Life Blood: This ability allows Mortis to have some survivability in his kit.  This ability can also be used as an execution for someone who is running away with low health since it does do damage.  If you still have a decent mount of health anfd ult up, look to try and use it on brawlers grouped up.  This will allow you to dish out a lot more damage in addition to healing yourself.  Doing so will greatly increase your usefulness as Mortis.

Star Power: Creepy Harvest

“Mortis can now see and reap the souls of defeated enemy Brawlers. Collecting a soul restores 1000 of his health.”

This star power also lets Mortis have more survivability in his kit.  He can dash around collecting souls to regen some health.  Because his health is so low, each soul he collects will be equal to a little above 1/3 of his health.  This is pretty big for Mortis and makes his team fighting a lot better.

Beginner Tips

Use Mortis’s primary attack to dodge spells and move forward in order to keep a high health value and get closer to your opponent.

Use you ultimate on two or more brawlers to regen a lot more health.

Use bushes to advance unseen.

Try to avoid brawlers with shotguns, as they will do more damage to you since you are in point blank range.

Best Game Modes

Mortis is the king of brawl ball.  He can get the ball from the start faster than any other champion.  In addition, he can throw the ball, dash, throw the ball, dash, throw the ball, and dash to run the ball extremely far.  This sometimes makes you un catch able and gives you an easy point.  Mortis is also very good at catching people with his dashes.  Mortis’s mobility allow him to rull brawl ball with an iron fist that very few brawlers can match.





2.5 seconds

Movement speed



Statistic Health
Base 2800
Bonus per Pin +70
Bonus per Badge +140
Medal Bonus +210
Crest Bonus +280


Statistic Damage
Base 640
Bonus per Pin +16
Bonus per Badge +32
Medal Bonus +48
Crest Bonus +64


Statistic Damage
Base 800
Bonus per Pin +20
Bonus per Badge +40
Medal Bonus +60
Crest Bonus +80


Mortis is a high mobile brawler but can only attack in melee form.  He is very squishy for a melee brawler with base stats of 2800 hp.  However, his kit provides him with some sustain with his ult healing him and his star power also allowing him to recover some health.  Mortis is best in the game mode brawl ball but does not really shine anywhere else.