How to obtain Gems

You can obtain gems by purchasing them in the shop.

30 Gems is $1.99

80 Gems is $4.99

170 Gems is $9.99

350 Gems is $19.99

900 Gems is $49.99

1850 Gems is $149.99

What to do with gems

You can buy chests or brawler skins with gems.

Brawler skins range from 20 gems to 50 gems skins as of now.

A RARE Brawler Box sells for 30 gems and guarantees a rare brawler.

A SUPER RARE Brawler Box sells for 80 gems and guarantees a Super Rare brawler.

An EPIC Brawler Box sells for 170 gems and guarantees an epic brawler.

A MYTHIC Brawler Box sells for 350 gems and guarantees a mythic brawler.