Balance Changes Round 2

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Hey Brawlers!

We’ve got more balance changes rolling in! Here’s what’s coming:

Brawler Balance

  • Brock – Main attack rocket size decreased 33%
  • Piper – Main attack bullet size decreased by 33% (and bullet speed decreased 3%)
  • Colt – Main attack bullet size decreased by 50%
    • Colt’s targeting line will not take into account both guns, so it will appear smaller than it actually is. This will be fixed in the next major update.
  • Nita – Main attack shockwave size increased by 25%
  • Bo – Main attack arrow size increased by 40%
  • Dynamike – Main attack and Super projectile speed increased by 12%
  • Barley – Main attack projectile speed increased by 6%
  • Mortis – Health increased from 3200 → 3500
  • Pam – Main attack damage increased from 180 → 200

Also we want to mention that we’re testing ways to nerf Auto-aim, while still keeping it a valid option. We don’t have anything ready yet, but wanted to let you all now our progress.

EDIT – Typo, Colt bullet size was 50% not 33%

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