Bounty Tips

1. Focus One Brawler

The best way to secure kills is if your team focuses down one enemy at a time.  This allows you to burst down enemies and collect their bounty. In addition, it makes the fight a two vs three pretty quickly.  This allows your team to control the map and pressure your opponents spawn area.  This will force the enemy to make mistakes and you have an easier time to pick people off.

2. Being Safe Is The Best Choice’

If you have a choice to go in and fight for a 50/50 risk, it is better to just run away.  A 50/50 risk is not guaranteed and can put your team behind.  You want to look for fights that have low variance, where you are most likely to win.  Only go super deep for a kill if its almost completely guaranteed and they have a lot more stars than you.  If they have equal stars, you are basically trading your stars for their stars, which adds no value to the score.  In addition, you trade you, a full health brawler, for a low health brawler.  This is not a good trade.

3. Chose The Right Brawler

In some maps, there is a lot of open spaces.  These maps are bad for melee troops because you cant hide behind walls or travel in bushes to close the gap.  In these cases, you should choose brawlers like Colt or Piper in order to take advantage of the long range battles that will happen.  In maps with of cover, melee brawlers exceed and you should use brawlers like El Primo, Shelly, And Bull.

4. Use Cover

Using cover will help you keep safe. Hiding behind a wall will help you be protected from most projectiles brawlers shoot,  You are still vulnerable to attacks from brawlers like Barley and Dynamite.  Using bushes will allow you to be unseen and travel across the map unnoticed.

5. Protect The Carry

If one of your teammates is killing a ton of enemy brawlers and has a big bounty, you should just protect that teammate because if they die, the enemy can catch up to you quickly.  It is worth it to body block for them and die instead of them giving up their bounty.

6. Go For Broke

If your losing by a lot and their is 20 seconds left, you have to go for broke.  This means to charge at you enemies firing at all cylinders.  This is you only shot at winning and even though you have a slim chance at winning, a slim chance is better than none.

7. Defense Wins Games

On the flip side, if you are winning by a lot and there is 20 seconds left,  Just play defense.  This will allow you to make fewer mistakes and force your opponent to force a play.  If they don’t you win and if they do you still have a high chance of winning the game.

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