January 2018 Balance Update

These Are the Balance Changes from the January Update


STRONGER: Darryl, Bo, Dynamike, El Primo, Jessie, Nita, Poco, Spike, Tara

WEAKER: Colt,  Bull, Ricochet, Pam, Mortis, Barley, Crow, Shelly

CHANGES: Game modes are changed to help melee ranged brawlers out, Robo Rumble is harder

Brawler Balance

Colt – Colt is very versatile and has a high use-rate across all game modes. Decreasing his range separates him from the other long range Brawlers, making him more of a medium-range DPS. Additionally, his Star Power was too strong.

  • Decreased main attack range from 10 → 9
  • Star Power speed increase changed from 100 → 50

Darryl – Darryl had a low use-rate in high-trophy games and was a little too weak compared to the other tanky Brawlers.

  • Increased health from 4600 → 5000
  • Increased main attack damage per shell from 320 → 360

Bo – This health buff should emphasize his role as a ranged mini-Tank

  • Increased health from 3200→ 3600

Dynamike – Dynamike was a bit underused compared to Barley, and his Dynamites are harder to land on enemies compared to Barley’s bottles. The damage buff should make him more viable.

  • Increased main attack damage per dynamite from 720 → 800

El Primo – El Primo was a bit weak compared to Bull and this heath buff should compensate for his short range and emphasize his role as the Tank with the highest health.

  • Increased health from 5800 –> 6000

Jessie – Her short range combined with low health leaves her a little bit weak. The Star Power and health buff should help her keep the advantage when her Turret is up and running.

  • Increased health from 2800 → 3200
  • Increased Star Power healing from 600 → 800

Nita – Nita’s short range and low health made her a bit too weak. These changes should allow her to be played more aggressively.

  • Increased health from 3400 → 3800
  • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300
  • Increased Bear speed from 500 → 550

Poco – He had a lower use rate in high trophy games, these buffs should bring him back into the mix.

  • Decreased reload time from 2.0 → 1.8s
  • Increased Star Power healing from 200 → 300

Spike – This reload time buff should help compensate for Spike’s shorter range and low health compared to other Brawlers.

  • Decreased reload time from 2.2 → 2.0s

Bull – His previous buffs made him a little bit too overpowered, this should bring him back into the correct balance.

  • Decreased health from 5400 → 5200
  • Star Power now triggers at 40% health (from 50%)

Richochet – By reducing his health we can compensate for Richochet’s huge range and damage potential.

  • Reduced health from 2800 → 2400

Pam – Pam was nearly unstoppable in Gem Grab. These changes should make her more versatile across game modes, and less dominant in Smash & Grab. The increased reload speed and decreased number of projectiles allow her to fire more often and adapt quickly.

  • Reduced Healing Station’s heals per second from 360 → 320
  • Decreased Healing Station’s health from 3600 → 2800
  • Increased health from 4000 → 4200
  • Amount of bullets in each attack changed from 11 → 9 which will make the attack quicker
  • Decreased reload speed from 1.6 → 1.2s

Mortis – Mortis was just too strong, so now his dash attack will heal enemies while damaging himself…. Just kidding! Our old friend Mortis was unstoppable in Brawl Ball while being somewhat ineffective in other game modes. Reducing his dash range and increasing his other stats should make him more balanced across modes.

  • Increased health from 2800 → 3200
  • Increased damage from 640 → 800
  • Increased speed from 650 → 700
  • Reduced main attack range from 3 → 2.33 tiles

Barley – Barley had a very easy time hitting nearby enemies due to his bottles immediately exploding on contact (compared to Dynamike’s fuse). This should make him slightly less effective from a distance while distinguishing him from Dynamike.

  • Decreased main attack projectile fly speed by 15%
  • Increased Star Power healing from 100 → 200

Crow – Crow was a bit too fast in his assassinations. By decreasing his Super jump speed, we’ll make him slightly easier to counter without reducing his other stats.

  • Decreased Super Jump speed by 20%

Tara – Tara’s Super damage was slightly too low.

  • Increased Super damage from 560 → 800

Shelly – Shelly is very popular in high-trophy games, and her Star Power was a bit too strong.

  • Decreased Star Power slowdown from 3.0 → 2.5s

    Event Balance

Heist – The increased viability of melee tanks like Bull and El Primo affected the meta, and caused a slight advantage for attackers.

  • Increased safe health in all maps except GG Corral

Robo Rumble

  • Increased health of second and third boss
  • Map adjustments to make luring enemy bots together impossible

Bounty and Smash & Grab – In certain maps, the meta has shifted toward favoring long-range Brawlers. These adjustments will make the maps viable for close-range Brawlers and allow for additional Brawler combinations.

  • Level adjustments to Cabbage Patch, Mushroom Cave, Bone Box, and Terracotta Square to be more short range friendly

Balance Changed Came From Brawl Stars Reddit

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