Show Down Tips And Tricks

1. Choose A High Damage Or Fast Reload Champion

You want to chose a high damage champion like Bull or Shelly because they can easily destroy boxes in a few shots.  This is also similar to fast reloading champs because they will be able to get more shots off, and thus destroy boxes easily.  However, if you chose a slow or low damage brawler like Piper or Pam, you will most likely be stuck at one box for quite some time.  In addition to this, you will not be able to 1 v 1 or dual brawlers easily in tight spaces, which most of the map is.

2. You Do Not Always Have To Go For Kills

Just because you see someone on the map does not mean that you have to fight them.  If you are low, they have a lot more elixir collected than you, or you just do not feel confident in fighting them, you can always choose to run.  This allows you to preserve your life without risking an early death and a loss of trophies. Fleeing instead of fighting is a safer way to gain trophies, but since you will not kill them and get their elixirs, you will have a lower chance of placing first overall.

3. Use Bushes To Ambush People

Bushes can be great cover to kill unsuspecting victims.  Hiding in a bush will not only allow you to get the first few shots off, but will surprise the enemy and force them into mistakes.  This tactic will allow you to easily kill your opponent.

4. Make Friends

If you spin around a lot near a player, they might spin back at you.  If they do spin back, you guys are now allies and will not kill each other.  This increases your chancing at getting a higher placement because fights should now be a 2 v 1 in your favor.  The morality of this tip is very questionable.

5. Betray Friends

Both of you can’t win.  Make sure to kill your friend before he will do to you.  Sometimes you should kill him right when you guys join forces.  Just make sure you can kill him or his next target will be you.

6. Go All In

If your feast and famine and want a win, go straight to the center.  If you can have control of those center boxes, or are the only brawler there, you will have a super easy time winning with 4-8 extra elixir over anyone else.

7. Hug The Edge

If you are scared and only want trophy gains, you can sit at the edge of the fog.  This will allow you to run into few people along your way to the center of the map.  You will increase your rank by doing nothing because as you sit at the edge of the poison,opponent brawlers will be duking it out all around the map, excluding you.

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