Smash And Grab Tips

1. Create A Balanced Team

If you’re with clan mates or friends, a good team comp is important.  You generally want to have one tank: think bull, El Primo, or Mortis; along with at leas one ranged brawler: think Colt, Piper, or Ricochet.  The third brawler should be a support brawler like Pam or Pocco but it does not have to be a defining element of your team.  Generally two anged brawlers is better than two tank brawlers.

2. Communicate With Friends

As with a team comp, communication is also key during the game.  Make sure your allies know exactly what your doing, whether your rushing together, focusing down on one person, or trying to set up a flank.  Good communication will be the difference between a 3 – 0 team fight and an 0 – 3 team fight.

3. Control The Gem Mine

Controlling the gem mine might seem intuitive but it is an extremely powerful position.  You can dictate when fights will happen and can hold off the needy team by holding corners.  This will allow you to collect the gems popping out of the mine without being contested.  This will lead to a faster victory.

4. Don’t Horde The Gems

If you think about it, you do not want to be the only person on your team with gems.  Even though you are much better than you team, having six gems will make you a high priority target and focused down in fights.  If you have gems split up, you team will not be as hurt in one person dies, as the gem loss will be lower.  In addition, you should never hold more than 10 gems.  In doing so you add no value for your team and allow the enemy to win off of one lucky kill.

5. Sometimes Go For Broke

If there is ten seconds remaining and you are losing, it is time to go for broke.  You just have to rush the enemy team and try to kill a high holding gem holder or else you will lose.  Even though there is very little strategy involved, this is your only option.  If you do not do this, you lose, but if you do rush, you have a slim chance of winning.  A slim chance is better than none.

6. Adapt To The Situation

f you are placed with random allies, adapt to how they want to play.  If they play passive, also play passive.  If they are aggressive, also apply pressure to areas of the map.  Even if your team does a bad decision, it may be best to follow them as three committed people is a lot stronger than two committed people and one hesitant brawler,

7. Flank

If you are playing a brawler like El Primo, Crow, or Tara, use the bushes to your advantage. Travel in areas the enemy will not see you so you can pounce onto the enemy back line and assassinate you targets.  This will make it easier for your team to advance further and take control of the gem mine.

8. Don’t Only Go For Kills

If your team is in the lead and control the gem mine, just stay back and play passively.  This forces your opponents to be the aggressor and hopefully make mistakes.  If you start being aggressive while in the lead, making one slip up and your team will lose any lead you have gained.  Because of this, just play safe, hold corners, and win easily.

9. Have Fun

Brawl Stars is a game.  Even though you care about ranked, games are made for enjoyment.  Do not care if you lose one game, as in the long term one game will not make a noticeable difference

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