Top Three Brawlers

First: Dynamike

Dynamike has tons of damage with his explosive bombs.  With his star power, he is more mobile than ever and is one of the best long range kiters in the game.  His ability to shoot over walls allows him to consistently pump out damage while being safe behind a wall.  Dynamike is perfect for objective based games like Smash And Grab and Heist.  He is also great and kill based games like brawl ball, boss fight, and robo rumble.  His weakness is Brawl Ball.  Because of his mobility and his high Area of Effect damage out put, he is sitting at rank one.  He outclasses Barely because he has a higher damage output.

Second: Bull

Bull has lots of damage when he gets close to his target.  His ultimate ability also allows him to break lots of structures creating to ways of entry for his teammates.  His ultimate ability, in solo use, can be great for chasing down opponents or running away from danger.  His ultimate is one of the best in brawl ball as it allows him to clear lines of boxes at a time.  His health is above average which makes him a great sudo tank if his team has two other squishies like Colt and Piper.  His damage out does Shelly which puts him over her.  Overall Bull is a high damage, up in your fave brawler that excels in game modes like Show Down, brawl ball, and bounty.  He falls short on maps like heist.

Third: Crow

The final brawler to take the top three position is crow.  His dot damage makes him extremely useful in team fights because the damage over time prevents enemy brawlers from healing out of combat.  This gives Crow’s allies time to set up and continue an attack on a different angle.  His mobility is very useful if he see’s an enemy brawler with low health out of position.  His ultimate ability allows him to transverse the map onto an unsuspecting target for an easy kill.  He also can hit more than one enemy at a time which further increases his damage in team fights.  He out does Tara because his ult provides so much mobility it is hard to pass up.  Crow is great in game modes like smash and grab, bounty, and show down.  He struggles a little bit in game modes like brawl ball and heist.


Disclaimer: These are the top three brawlers in my mind.  I based all brawlers in stats like strength, resilience, mobility, and ease of use.  My opinion of the state of brawlers is probably very different from others.  Please share your thoughts on how well I did, or if I potentially made a mistake.

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