Smash And Grab Team Pam/Poco/Bull

Why This Works

This works well because bull can easily collect the gems as he has a high ampunt of health.  His ult can be used to quickly grab a chunk of gems or to run away when he is low on health.  Pam and Poco can support him by giving him a constant supply of healing with a low chance of him ever having to die and give his gems to someone else.


Pam is a support character and her ultimate allows for a complete team heal.  When she is in this team, you want her to stay back and be at max ranger for her basic attacks.  This will allow her to charge up her ultimate quickly and safely.  If you have her star power you could stand next to Poco to extend the healing even further.  Once you do have your ultimate charged, make sure to place it in an area you have control of.  If you place it somewhere that you can’t defend, you will end up losing that healing charge very quickly and not get that much use out of it.  Be careful that you do not put it too far back though or else your allies will have to run a long way to use it.  The best place to put your healing charge is usually behind a wall right behind your line of control. This allows your healing charge to stay up hopefully until your ultimate is charged back up and allow your teammates to only run a small distance to recover their health.


Poco is a mix between a damage character and a support character.  You want to be close enough so your basic attacks will hit people and do damage but you also want to be able to use your ultimate on your allies to heal them for a lot.  Because of this, you should hold a corner or hide behind a wall or in a bush and pop out when an enemy brawler gets in range.  When some one does get in range of you, quickly dispense all three of your basic attacks and run behind or in your cover and wait for your basic attacks to recharge.  Once you ultimate is ready, do not use it right away.  Save it until your teammates are low and then use it.  This can bait the enemy team into fighting a bad battle or save your teammates from death and clutch the round.  Make sure to keep an eye on Bull’s health since he is the one carrying all the gems.


Bull will be the gem collector and carrier in this team.  His high health and close up damage makes him very good at taking the gems.  If he gets close to him, he only needs a few shots to land to get his ultimate up.  With his ultimate, he can either chase a high gem holding brawler to finish them off and collect the gems, or he can use his ultimate to run away himself when he has a lot of gems in his pocket.  He will have to be good at dodging abilities from enemy brawlers as he will be in the front line.  Dodging abilities will make his health last longer, giving him more influence in the arena.  If he ever gets low, he should move towards Poco or Pam so he can re heal and join the fight again.  If your ultimate is half way charged, it is sometimes better to try finishing it up and use your ultimate to run away then to just run away on your feet.


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